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The elderly citizens often have large amounts of free time and high skill in specific areas, which they have difficulty employing in a useful manner. The basic concept of the TSBank project is to give elderly people the opportunity to use their time and knowledge in an advantageous way to society, enabling them to be more active contributing to their wellbeing and quality of life.

SilverSkills is an online platform that allows the elderly to volunteer their skills and time to perform work on a set of areas. People looking for support can then consult the platform for volunteer elderly that match the sought needs, and the platform puts both parties in contact.

SilverSkills is the online platform developed under the Time and Skill Bank (TSBank) for active ageing. The TSBank is funded by the Active and Assisted Living European Programme.

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Improve the quality of life of the participant elderly and use their time in a more productive way

Promote a more active role of the elderly in society

Offer an innovative matching service and a starting point for future similar services

Allow intercultural and intergenerational exchange of experiences

Why Us?

Brokerage Matching Platform


The clients can select the volunteers from a list presented and matched by Silverskills according to their preferences


Chat for interaction


The client can contact a volunteer to clear any possible doubt or discuss an important detail before makes the final decision for choosing a volunteer


Easy… and low-priced!


We guarantee an affordable and easy process to get the service done


Trustful rating system


A trust rating is available for future clients to make a better selection and also to give the possibility to reward the good work with a good rating


Promote seniors to have a more active role


And at last, but not the least, participate in social inclusion by giving the opportunity to become a volunteer and help others or contribute for the elderlies’ inclusion in our community



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